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7 Years Boiler Cover FREE on selected Worcester Gas Boilers!

Worcester Bosch Boilers GlasgowWarranty is Same Day / Next Day Service and includes Parts and Labour, similar to Gas Boiler Breakdown Cover being offered by companies such as Scottish Gas and ScottishPower and SSE.

If you pay £17.50 per month to Scottish Gas for Boiler Cover, that amounts to £1,470 over 7 years..

No need for a Scottish Gas Maintenance Contract!

Worcester Bosch are also one of the few makers of gas boilers who can provide a Full 5 Year Warranty, and back it up with 39 field engineers in Scotland. Many other manufacturers can advertise a Warranty, but fail to deliver when you need it most.

How much can I save if I install a new gas boiler from Gas Genius?

Most offers, like those put forward by Scottish Gas, and the larger gas boiler companies, are usually too good to be true. Their intention is generally to offer you a good deal on your new gas boiler, but a deal which ties you into their own money-making Boiler Breakdown Service.

If you purchase an energy efficient Worcester Bosch, or Ideal gas boiler from Gas Genius, take a look at the figures beneath, to see what you might save over a period of 7 years...

Projected Savings of a New Energy Efficient
Boiler Over 7 Years with Gas Genius..
Boiler Breakdown Cover 7 Years * £17.50 /month £1,470.00
(Annual Service Required) 6 Years * £65.00 (£390.00)
Annual Savings 7 Years * £300.00 £2,100.00
Boiler Scrappage Scheme One off @ £400.00
(Eligibility applies)
  Total Savings £3,580.00
When you purchase a Worcester or Ideal gas boiler, you do not need an insurance policy to cover you in the event that your gas boiler breaks down. Worcester Bosch have 39 field engineers in Scotland, providing same day break down cover on Gas Boilers installed by Gas Genius.

Why have I been able to save so much?

It is unlikely that you will ever be offered a similar deal on a new gas boiler by any of the larger companies. Quite simply put, these companies are selling Boiler Breakdown Insurance Policies on top of the gas boilers they offer to install..

At Gas Genius, we hope your boiler never breaks down, and that's why we place our trust in Worcester Bosch and Ideal gas boilers.. Trust us.


Gas Boiler Types..

Gas Combination (Combi) Boilers by Worcester Bosch

worcester bosch gas boilersA combi boiler provides heating and hot water directly from the boiler, combined within one compact unit. Therefore, no separate hot water cylinder is required, offering space saving within the property. A Worcester Bosch Greenstar Combi Boiler is ideal if you live in a flat or bungalow and have little or no roof space, or you want to enjoy instant heating and hot water at any time.

Regular or System Boilers by Worcester Bosch

Regular boilers heat your central heating system directly and produce hot water for your cylinder. If you are replacing an older model of boiler, the chances are that you will have a regular (also known as 'conventional') boiler. A System Boiler is similar to a Regular Boiler, but it also has a built-in central heating pump. A Worcester Bosch Greenstar Regular or System Gas Boiler is more suited to homes with multiple showers and where the demand for hot water is greater than in a flat.

Every Gas Genius Boiler Installation Includes:

  • Professional Installation of High Efficiency Gas Boiler to Gas Safe Standard
  • FREE Chemical System Flush with EVERY Gas Boiler Installation
  • Electrical Wiring to Current Legislative Standards
  • Gas Safety Checks and Gas Boiler Commissioning Benchmarking
  • A Full 5 Year Warranty on all Gas Boilers (provided as standard)
  • Removal and Safe Disposal of Old Applicances and Water Tanks
  • FREE Magnetic Cleaner (selected Gas Boiler models only)

Customer Service - Friendly Advice

Gas Genius are installers of the Ideal and Worcester Bosch range of high efficiency gas boilers, serving Glasgow, Falkirk and Stirling.

As you would expect, our Gas Safe registered engineers have a wealth of technical expertise, but we also pride ourselves on our Customer Service and upon our ability to deliver friendly, jargon-free advice and guidance. We'll answer any of your questions, providing you with complete peace of mind about the installation of a Worcester Bosch or an Ideal gas boiler.

We work in partnership with Worcester Bosch and Ideal Heating to ensure that the level of service we deliver is of the very highest when it comes to installing or replacing your gas boiler..


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