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Which Gas Boiler do I Need... Worcester Bosch!

Which Worcester Bosch Gas Boiler

Gas Genius - Glasgow's First Choice for Gas Boiler Replacement

Gas Genius are proud to recommend Worcester Bosch Gas Boilers and are always happy to offer friendly, jargon-free advice when it comes to boiler selection and size. Perhaps you live in a family home and have a high demand for hot water at certain times of the day? Or, maybe you live in a flat and a high efficiency combination boiler is best suited to your lifestyle and needs. Whatever your circumstances, Gas Genius are approved installers for the full range of Worcester Bosch gas boilers.

Which Boiler Should You Choose?

The size of your home and hot water requirements will determine which condensing boiler is best for you. Gas Genius are also qualified to advice on the best choice of boiler.

Best for Small Homes and Flats - Combi Boiler

A 'combi' or combination boiler is a high efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler combined (hence the name) within one compact unit. Water is heated directly from the mains eliminating the need for a hot water storage cylinder and the associated cold water storage cistern in the roof space.

Combi BoilerBecause your hot water is delivered to your taps or shower at mains pressure it's very convenient and can save on your hot water costs. As an added benefit, showers from a 'combi' can be comparable with the performance of a power shower.

So a 'combi' can also give you a little extra room to play with, making it ideal for a flat or a bungalow with very little or no roof space and it's also the right choice if you want to use your loft space for a room conversion. Another 'combi' benefit is that it can generally save you money on installation time and costs as well as installation materials.

Best for Large Homes - Regular Boiler

Regular boilers – sometimes referred to as traditional or conventional boilers – are suitable for homes that already have a traditional heating and hot water system that requires a separate hot water cylinder. Regular boilers also require a cold water storage cistern to feed the hot water cylinder and an expansion cistern in the loft.

Regular BoilerThey are a good option for any home where a large volume of stored hot water is required e.g. homes with two or more bathrooms, or in areas where the water pressure is low. A regular boiler may be the best option when replacing an existing boiler in a property with an old radiator system which might not be able to cope with the higher pressure of a combi system.

Regular boilers are compatible with solar water heating systems to bring you the added benefits of environmentally friendly hot water and
further cost savings.

Best for Busy Large Homes - System Boiler

Both a system boiler and a regular boiler work on the principle of stored hot water – but a system boiler is different in two important ways.

System BoilerFirstly, many of the components of the heating and hot water system are built into the boiler itself, making it quicker and easier to install. Secondly, it doesn't need a feed and expansion vessel in the loft. There are two kinds of cylinder which this type of system may have – a mains pressure hot water cylinder or a low pressure hot water cylinder.

They are also compatible with solar water heating systems to bring you the added benefits of environmentally friendly hot water and reduced hot water and heating costs.


Your Water and Heating Requirements Most suitable boiler
You want to use your loft space for a room conversion or other purpose Combi boiler
You live in a flat or bungalow (i.e. have very little or no roof space) Combi boiler
Your home has more than 2 bathrooms Regular or system boiler
Your main water pressure is low Regular or system boiler
You want to replace an old boiler to improve an existing conventional central heating system Regular, system or combi boiler
You need to have hot water available on tap without waiting for it to heat up. Combi boiler


Every Gas Genius gas boiler installation includes:-

  • Professional Installation of High Efficiency Gas Boiler to Gas Safe Standard
  • FREE Boiler Cover (includes parts and labour)
    Baxi - Up to 10 Years, Worcester Bosch - Up to 8 Years
  • Removal and recycling of old appliances and water tanks
  • FREE Chemical System Flush (where recommended)
  • Electrical Wiring to current legislative standards
  • Gas Safety Checks and Gas Boiler Commissioning Benchmarking
  • FREE Magnetic Cleaner on all AddHeat Gas Boiler Replacements

Gas Genius Customer Service - Friendly Advice

Gas Genius are installers of the Worcester Bosch range of high efficiency gas boilers, serving Glasgow, Falkirk and Stirling.

Gas Genius are a forward thinking and environmentally friendly company. We believe that the gas boilers manufactured by Worcester Bosch provide SEDBUK efficiency ratings in excess of 90%, ensuring that every gas boiler we install in Glasgow, Falkirk or Stirling is A Rated and capable of delivering genuine energy savings for our customers.

We continually work in partnership with Worcester Bosch to ensure that the level of service we deliver is the very highest when it comes to installing or replacing your gas boiler.