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Why should I replace my existing boiler, or install a new central heating system?

According to the Energy Saving Trust, replacing an old inefficient boiler with a modern high efficiency boiler will cut your fuel bills. You may also benefit from instant hot water and a much warmer home.


What make of boilers do you recommend?

We can supply any type of gas boiler, but we generally recommend "A" rated Ideal or Worcester Bosch gas boilers. Our policy is to supply and install only the best boilers from the most reputable manufacturers.


If I bought my own boiler, would you install it?

No. We only install the boilers we supply. The reason for this is that we know where our boilers come from and we can easily resolve any potential installation issues with our suppliers.


How do I know that my boiler or my central heating system may need replacing?

You may find that your boiler has been breaking down, or you may have been advised by an organisation such as British Gas that your applicance is no longer serviceable. You may also be aware that your home is simply not as warm as you would like it to be.


What is a combination boiler (combi boiler)?

A combination boiler provides both heating and domestic hot water in a single unit and does away with the need for both cold water and hot water storage tanks. To be advised on the best type and size of combintation boiler for your property please call us on 0800 862 0448.


What is a high efficiency condensing boiler?

High efficiency condensing boilers attempt to recovering heat from flue, heat which would normally be expelled into the air by non-condensing boilers.


What is a condensate pipe?

As the name suggests, modern high efficiency "condensing" gas boilers take the heat from the waste gases, of which is water vapour. A condense pipe is used to route the condensed water into a suitable internal or external drainpoint.


Will a new boiler save me money?

If you've had your boiler for 10 years or more, switching to a A Rated Ideal Logic+, or a Worcester Greenstar condensing boiler, could cut your bill by up to £275* a year. Older boilers can be as little as 60% efficient but every Ideal Logic+ and Worcester Greenstar gas boiler is A-rated for efficiency, meaning it turns 90% or more of the fuel it uses into heat and hot water for your home.

You may also realise cost savings by replacing your old storage heaters with a new more efficient electric boiler and a set of wet central heating radiators, similar to those you would expect on a gas central heating system.


Why do my radiators not heat up?

If your radiators are cold at the top, the chances are that you simply need to bleed your radiators to remove any air which has accumulated at the top. After expelling this air the radiatiors should heat up. If you have a combination boiler, you may also need to top up the water levels in your radiators.

If you notice cold spots at the bottom of your radiators you may have sludge, caused by corrosion and a build up of scale, in your system and the chances are this needs to be flushed. This can be resolved by "powerflushing" the system.


What does powerflushing mean?

A powerflush is where a jet flushing machine is connected to your radiators to remove any sludge deposits. The sludge is removed by use of the machines powerful washing and flushing actions.

Normally, a powerflush is performed if you have found cold spots at the bottom of your radiators.


Do I need a powerflush when I change my boiler?

Not always, although many unscrupulous installers will tell you that you do, in order to charge extortionate prices for something which is actually relatively simple to perform and often unnecessary.

We would always assess your radiators and provide our honest opinion. In many cases, especially in Scotland, which has soft water, a chemical flush is all that is required. We perform a chemical flush as standard when we replace your existing boiler.


How much does it cost to have a new boiler or central heating system?

The cost of your new system is really dependent upon the type of boiler being installed and the type of property in which you live.

We are one of the few companies who once published their prices online. We believed this provided an honest and accurate set of guidlines for our customers, but we discovered our competitors were using our prices to undercut us, in some cases providing customers with less for their money.


Will I have a guarantee?

We offer a FREE 5 Year Warranty with every Ideal and Worcester Bosch gas boiler we install.

We offer a 2 Year Guarantee on Heatrae Sadia electric boilers.

The stainless steel vessel on a Thermaflow electric combination boiler is guaranteed for 25 years, wich ancillary components carrying a 2 year warranty.


Who will carry out the work?

Our own staff will carry out the work. We do not sub-contract any of our installations. We use only fully qualified, time-served gas fitters and electricians. All of our gas engineers are trained to GasSafe standards and above.


What will the standard of workmanship be like?

Your installation will be carried out to the highest possible standards, and will conform to all the latest safety legislation.


If I accept your quotation, how long will it be before you can start the work?

Under normal circumstances, we can usually install your new boiler or heating system within a few days. In some cases, we are able to install immediately.


How much disruption should I expect and how long will it take?

We appreciate that we are working in peoples' homes and we undertake to ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum. Most boiler replacements can be completed within one to two days, but a more complicated installation of a heating system may take 3/4 days.


AddHeat Customer Service - Friendly Advice

AddHeat are installers of the Baxi and Worcester Bosch range of high efficiency gas boilers, serving Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Glasgow, Stirling, Falkirk and Edinburgh.

AddHeat are a forward thinking and environmentally friendly company. We believe that the gas boilers manufactured by Baxi and Worcester Bosch provide SEDBUK efficiency ratings in excess of 90%, ensuring that every gas boiler we install in Manchester, Liverpool or Glasgow is A Rated and capable of delivering genuine energy savings for our customers.

We continually work in partnership with Worcester Bosch and Baxi to ensure that the level of service we deliver is the very highest when it comes to installing or replacing your gas boiler.